Value Added Human-Centric Design l Workplace Transformation

Our goal is to design spaces with human-centric values in mind. Unique tailor-made user experiences that better suit each of our client’s needs.

KVL is thrilled to have the opportunity to design an open style multi-purpose space for the German Industry of Commerce (GIC) for their new office transformation.

GIC’s business nature requires a space that can be adapted for different types of meetings and events. Not only does it need to be flexibility enough to fulfill the regular flow of events and gatherings that take place in the office, but also cater to a collaborative working style environment.

We created a space that can expand and contract to support, town halls, collaborative work settings, corporate events, networking events, presentations, social gatherings, and seated dining.

In addition, we designed an environment that improves the end user’s physical interaction; allowing different departments to collaborate with one another with ease, enhance communication, workflow and improve productivity.